Lindy 1: This is our level 1, beginners class. Every one of these classes are accessible to complete beginners. However, we do have a 2 month, rotating curriculum (see bellow) that does progress through the month. That means the easier classes are at the beginning of the month, and the last classes of the month are more challenging.

Lindy 2: This is our level 2 or intermediate Lindy Hop class. To do these classes, students must know how to dance all of the moves in the Lindy 1 curriculum. Usually that means going through the 2 month cycle a couple of times before they are ready for these classes (4 - 6 months if they are coming every week).

Lindy 3: These are our nerdy classes. To do these classes students must want to develop their technique and understanding of concepts. We don't focus on fancy moves, we focus on how to do moves. Students must also be accomplished dancers, having danced for more than 2 years, social dance regularly, be able to dance as both a lead and a follow and have danced other styles (like Blues or Balboa).

Balboa Fundamentals: This is out level 1 beginner Balboa class where we teach (surprise surprise) the fundamentals of Balboa. Our Balboa curriculum does build on each class, so if you do want to start coming to these classes, please make sure you come at the start of the month.

Balboa Development: Here is where students develop their Balboa after learning the fundamentals. Once a student has learnt all of the moves in the Balboa Fundamentals curriculum, they are welcome to try this development class.


We teach level 1  and level 2 classes in both Lindy hop and Balboa every week. If you would like to join our level 2 classes, there are prerequisites you must know otherwise. Luckily enough we base out level 1 classes around teaching those prerequisites so if you can do everything in this list, then you are ready to to try the corresponding level 2 class



There are multiple basics that we use in Lindy Hop. These are the 6 count basic, 8 count basic and the Charleston.



Here is a playlist that has a few of the basics and moves essential to every Lindy Hopper. Once you can social dance these moves easily, you are welcome to attend our Lindy 2 classes. More moves coming soon.






We have a couple of Spotify playlists that have our favorite songs to teach Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues to. If you have Spotify, log on and have a listen, if not you can find all of these songs and artists on YouTube or iTunes or in your local record store.



As often as possible we post class recaps on our YouTube page for free! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive an alert every time we post a new video and you can practice the weeks concepts and moves at home.