Welcome to Swing Zing dance school established in 2004, based in Perth, Western Australia.

At Swing Zing you can learn Lindy Hop and other fun swing era dances, including Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Charleston, Solo Jazz and Blues Dancing! Classes and short courses are held at different locations around Perth. Swing Zing is everything you need to discover the fun world of swing!

The Swing Zing teaching team is a group of passionate and enthusiastic swing dancers, dedicated to bringing the world of swing to you.

We have a diverse teaching team who love teaching almost as much as they love dancing They bringing a range of concepts and techniques to teach built up from their years of experience dancing and learning locally and internationally.

Swing Zing classes are always fun and relaxed, and there is a Swing Zing class for everyone, no matter what your age, fitness level or dance experience. Even if you have two left feet, our instructors' first priority is to make sure you feel welcome, relaxed and are having fun, because that's what swing dancing is all about!


Swing Zing was started by Sophie Yesberg in 2004 and played a crucial role in the development of the Perth Lindy Hop scene untill the school was handed over to Jethro Hardinge in 2015. Take a look at the photos from Swing Zing's history.


Our first ever social dance night was held in Kalamunda back in 2006. This photo shows one of the wacky dress-up games we played. (Maybe it's one of those 'you had to be there' shots!)


We have had amazing teachers from around the world visit us here in Perth. Here we see Kevin, Jo, and dancers, from their 2010 visit.


Our cool bunch of dancers from the first 8-week rehearsal and performance project. These 2-3 month projects gave first-time (as well as seasoned) performers a chance to discover the excitement of live gigs! Such a buzz to go from scratch to polished performance in a matter of weeks!


Swing Zing and WAYJO on Telethon 2013

Telethon! Swing Zing has been fortunate to perform alongside W.A. Youth Jazz Orchestra for 5 years, from monthly social nights, to community performances, as well as nail-biting, live TV shows! What a blast to be dancing to an awesome big band in front of wildly cheering Telethon audiences!


Swing Zing has enjoyed many years of performing at the South Perth Lions Big Band events. We love the opportunity to debut new routines here as well as support their great charity work. This particular photo shows a rather peculiar ending to a performance! 


Swing Zing ventures into the world of tap. The school has prided itself on the variety of swing styles taught regularly. Tap has been the latest addition.


Swing Zing hosted their first Bal and Shag workshop with Peter and Lauren in 2016. This is a photo from the "Not Strictly Lindy" Competition at the Saturday night event.