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Weekly classes

Q.1 I've never danced before, which classes should I take?

Take any of our level 1 or fundamental classes, no experience needed! These classes run at various venues around Perth. No need to book, simply turn up to the venue nearest you. The one-hour class will teach you all the important basics of swing dancing, and help you get up on the dance floor and swing out!

Q.2 What should I wear or bring to class?

Wear loose, cool, comfortable clothing, and shoes that you are comfortable to dance in. For men, fully closed shoes like sneakers or leather dress shoes are fine. For ladies, flat enclosed shoes like sneakers, tennis shoes or ballet flats are perfect. Bring a bottle of water, and you may like to bring a hand towel if you sweat a lot.

Q.3 How long do I take Beginner's Classes for?

Swing dances have an extremely broad range of moves, steps and rhythms. To be able to get anything out of our level 2 classes you do need to be able to comfortably dance a variety of things. We cover all of the prerequisites in our 2 month curriculumn, so students who are fast learners who come to class every week, take private lessons, practice at home and start social dancing straight away, can move into level 2 classes after 8 weeks. Most students however do our level 1 curriculum at least 2 or 3 times before they are dancing comfortably enough to move into the next class.

Q.4 Do I need to book for Beginners Classes?

Most of our classes are drop-in, meaning you just turn up on the night and join in. For some courses or occasional classes, you may need to book in, and this will be stated in the class advertisement. Check the details here, for further info about particular classes or styles.

Q.5 Do I need a partner for Swing Zing classes?

By all means, bring along a partner or friend if you want to, but don't worry if you can't find anyone! All classes rotate partners, so you'll get to dance with lots of different people in every class (a great way to meet new people, plus it's the best way to learn!).

Q.6 How much do classes cost?

Everyone gets their first swing dance class for FREE so you can see if swing dancing is right for you. Then after that, regular classes are $20 and $10 for subsequent classes on the same night. this can be paid in cash or by direct deposit on the night. We do also have a Class Pass, 10 classes for $130 or 4 classes for $60. You can buy these online or ask any of our friendly door people.

Q.7 Do classes run on public holidays?

In general, yes! Although it is always best to check via email, phone or our Facebook page if a class is running on a public holiday.

Private Lessons

Q.1 Why should I take a private lesson?

With focused one-on-one tuition, you will learn a lot faster than in a group class. The instructor will customise your private lesson to focus on your dancing specifically, or a particular aspect you might request, so you will cover a lot more in a single private lesson than in group classes. Of course, we recommend group classes as well, as they offer the chance to meet other dancers, socialise, and test your skills with other dance partners - but private lessons are definitely the fast track!

Q.2 How do private lessons work?

You can take a private lesson with any Swing Zing instructor either on your own, or with a partner. You can have a private lesson on a particular topic of your choice (eg: "I want to learn how to dance faster", or "I want to improve my spins"), or you can let the instructor have a look at your dancing, and they will give you some topics to work on. We find one hour private lessons offer the right amount of information for your brain to handle! The cost depends upon which instructor you choose and the number of students. The cost is $60-$70 per hour depending on instructor.

Q.3 How do I book a private lessons?

Simply contact us on 0435 290 540 or


Q.1 What sort of performances/shows do you offer?

We can customise a performance to suit your event and budget. The most common types of performances we do include one of (or a combination of) these things.

  1. Swing dance floor shows (5-10 minutes long) a set show with a variety of dance numbers, in swing styles from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. We can customise a floor show from our repertoire to suit your event format.

  2. Social dancing. if you have a dance floor at your event, you can hire Swing Zing dancers in vintage 1940s costume to dance to your live band (or we can bring our own swing music). No set routines, just social dancing! Creates a great social atmosphere!

  3. Swing Dance Lesson. Why not have a fun introductory swing dance lesson as part of your event? We can run a fun and easy dance class for your guests, perfect for all ages, and no experience needed. It's a great way to encourage your guests onto the dance floor, and get them dancing the night away.

Q.2 How much does it cost to hire Swing Zing for a performance?

This will depend on the length and complexity of the performance, the number of dancers required, and the travelling distance to the performance. We are able to customise a performance from our repertoire to suit any event (and any budget). To give you an idea, we typically have a $360 base rate (at most) to cover all of the hours of training the team does, plus all the admin, costumes and preparation etc, then about $90 an hour, per dancer or instructor. However these rates vary greatly depending on your event. Please contact Swing Zing on 0435 290 540 or to get a quote.

Q.3 How do I book Swing Zing for a performance?

To inquire about booking Swing Zing for a performance at your function or event, contact us on 0435 290 540 or

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