1. Beginners Classes

    Q.1 I've never danced before, which classes should I take?

    Q.2 What should I wear or bring to class?

    Q.3 How long do I take Beginner's Classes for?

    Q.4 Do I need to book for Beginners Classes?

    Q.5 Do I need a partner for Swing Zing classes?

    Q.6 How much do classes cost?

    Q.7 Do classes run on public holidays?

  2. Private Lessons

    Q.1 Why should I take a private lesson?

    Q.2 How do private lessons work?

    Q.3 How do I book a private lessons?

  3. Performances

    Q.1 What sort of performances/shows do you offer?

    Q.2 How much does it cost to hire Swing Zing for a performance?

    Q.3 How do I book Swing Zing for a performance?

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