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We have an amazing space lined up this time. Cirquest has a massive space with wooden floors and a lot of crash mats so no matter what stage you are at, you will be able to have a safe and productive aerials session.

Charlotte and Jethro will be offering two classes. A beginner class with some pops and floorials, then a facilitated int/adv session where you can work on any aerials you want with our help, spotters and crash mats. If you are not currently working on a particular air-step, we have a couple of other options prepared for the day. 

Please bring a partner to work with in these classes that you trust. Or join another pair, we are happy if you want to work in groups of 3. But because of the nature of these classes we will not be rotating partners. If you cant find anyone to participate with, let us know and we may be able to hep you find a partner.

Beginner class 3 til 4.30pm
Int/Adv class 5 til 6.30

Cost: $20 for one class or $30 for both.

Location: CirQuest Circus School, 17 Howlett St, North Perth, Western Australia 6006

Earlier Event: May 9
Later Event: May 14