A weekend of workshops with the wonderful Jessie Gordon and Kenneth Gosnold. They will be teaching six classes and will cover Blues, Lindy Hop and Solo dancing.

in Applecross

11am - 12.15pm: Solo Jazz
12.15pm - 1pm: Lunch break
1pm - 2.15pm: Lindy Hop
2.30pm - 3.45pm: Lindy hop

in Maylands

11am - 12.15pm: Solo Blues
12.15pm - 1pm: Lunch break
1pm - 2.15pm: Blues
2.30pm - 3.45pm: Blues



  • Online registration for all classes - $95
  • Online registration for single day - $60
  • Door price for single class - $25



All classes will require some previous experience in that specific dance. For example, If you can comfortably socially blues dance, you have been to an all blues exchange or you have done at least 4 - 8 blues dance classes, then you are welcome to do the blues classes. If not, then these classes may not be appropriate so just send us a message with your level of experience and we'll let you know if these classes will be beneficial or not for you.



Saturday the 12th of Aug.
Polish Roman Cathlic Church
35 Eighth Ave, Maylands


Sunday the 13th of Aug.
Waylen Bay Scout Group.
The hall is at the end of  a road called The Strand. If you make it to the dead end then you have arrived. We will have banners up so just look for them :)