Would you like to join the Swing Zing performance troupe, Rhythm Riot?

While the primary goal of the group is to perform, we certainly train more than just routines and how to look good. We also train advanced swing dancing concepts, lead/follow technique, multiple swing dance styles, air steps, fast dancing, fitness, etc. Even if you just want to push you dancing to the next level, and not perform, you are still welcome to join Rhythm Riot. Training is weekly on Wednesday nights.

To ensure that everyone joining the team can dance at a certain level so as not to slow the sessions down, everyone that joins must be able to learn choreography and dance above 200 bpm. To prove this, everyone joining the team must complete these steps before being invited to the training session.

  1. Learn to swing out without a dance partner, faster than 200 beats per minute

  2. Learn the solo jazz routine “Mam’s Stew (videos below)

  3. Film themselves dancing Mam’s stew then doing at least 8 swing outs in a row (by themselves) to any song that is faster than 200bpm

  4. Send the video to the Rhythm Riot coach
    email to info@swingzing.com

If you have any question about Rhythm Riot or how to join feel free to message or chat with us anytime.