24th - 26th of May 

PAX (Perth Air-step Exchange) Full passes now available. Early bird price is $106 but only available until the end of March.

Calling out to everyone that wants to fly, jump, throw, spin lift and flip! We are hosting a weekend dedicated solely to air-steps, aerials and floorials!

*This will be run differently than your typical swing dance event. The nature of air-steps means that we will be running this event more like a training camp than a dance exchange. The aim of the weekend will be on training air steps. There will be a casual social dance on the Friday and Saturday nights but they will not be the focus. For more details, have a read of the schedule below!
**You must attend the workshops with a dance partner. We will not be rotating in class, or pairing people up. If you do not have a partner feel free post in the Facebook event or let us know before you register and we can try pair you up with someone.
***The Saturday morning class is Mandatory. For safety reasons we want everyone at this session so that we know everyone knows how to stay safe in our classes and how to keep everyone else safe around them.



Air-step training camp! We all know that technique is important to do any aerial. However, strength, flexibility and fitness will keep you safe while training air-steps. So while we will be teaching you the steps and technique for a number of moves, we will also be holding classes on how to train safely as well as how to do conditioning, so that you’re less likely to get injured.

Trust Session.

***Mandatory. For safety reasons, anyone that wishes to participate in any of the classes must attend the Saturday morning block.
Trust is an obvious part of air-steps training, but how often do we actually work on it? We will be doing drills and games to build trust within the group that we will be training with over the weekend as well as teaching and practicing how to spot each other safely.

Skills Session

How to actually do air steps, how to make them impressive and how to dance in and out of them smoothly. There will be 3 air-steps being taught simultaneously. A beginner, an intermediate and an advanced air-step. Choose your own adventure. You can spend an entire hour practicing one of these moves, or you can spend part of your time at one, and part of your time at another. It’s up to you and your partner.

Confidence session

What better way to build confidence than to learn to throw yourself. For this session, we will be joined by a professional circus instructor. They will be teaching us how to move all by ourselves. Rolling, jumping, spinning, flying and anything else they think will help air-steps. This will be an open level class, no circus, gymnastics or acrobatic skills needed.

Recap session

This will be self directed session, facilitated by us, for recapping anything that was taught the day before, or anything else that you and your partner are working. There are lots of mats and spotters so it’ll be a good chance to train the things you can’t usually train safely.


As the name suggests, Perth, Western Australia. We have 3 venues, but we will be running as much of the weekend as possible at the circus school, Cirquest.

Huzzard Studio's
10-14 Pier St, Perth
Friday 9 - 11pm

Friday night class and Social will be held at Huzzard Studios. If you plan on walking from Mustang, remember to walk with a friend, or just ask us and we’ll let you know who else will be walking down.

Morley Studio
23 Rudloc Road,Morely
Saturday 9am - 2pm

Saturday Morning we will be using a different space so classes will be in this studio. There are 3 studios in this block of building, we will be in the one down the ally at the very back.

17 Howlett Street, North Perth
Saturday 3.30pm - 11pm
Sunday all day

Large space, wooden floor, acro mats, crash-mats and plenty of other props to help keep us safe while we train.


Charlotte and Jethro

They have been performing and teaching together for over 4 years. They have won a number of competitions including the Australian Swing Dance Championships, Team division, and the Australian Jitterbug Championships Showcase division (see their first performance here) But mostly they are known for their entertaining teaching dynamic. All of their classes are full of valuable technique and a lot of laughs. Plus they love aerials and have been training and studying them well before they even started working together.


Fiona and Kenneth 

Fiona and Kenneth first teamed up to compete in Hellzapoppin in 2012 making it into the semi finals. They have since trained aerials and competed again in Hellzapoppin, Australian Jitterbug Championships and won local competitions. They are technique focused and bring a perspective of working with similar height partnerships. They have also both been involved in circus aerials and are very safety conscious. They teach and dance various styles and love including aerials in both Lindy hop and Blues

Isaac Salter

Introducing your final instructor. Isaac Salter started circus arts in 2013, training in acrobatics as well as Chinese pole, teeter board and acro clowning. Since then he’s toured and performed in OZ, NZ, UK, Europe, Canada, South Korea and the Middle east.

Isaac's extensive knowledge in these skills makes him a fantastic teacher, teaching in Perth, the WA Circus Festival, as well in Canada.