Pax Full Pass


Pax Full Pass

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Full pass to the Perth Air-Step Exchange includes

  • Friday night class and social

  • Saturday 6 hours of workshops

  • Saturday night social

  • Sunday 6 hours of workshops

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Calling out to everyone that wants to fly, jump, throw, spin lift and flip! We are hosting a weekend dedicated solely to air-steps, aerials and floorials!

*This will be run differently than your typical swing dance event. The nature of air-steps means that we will be running this event more like a training camp than a dance exchange. The aim of the weekend will be on training air steps. There will be a casual social dance on the Friday and Saturday nights but they will not be the focus.
**You must attend the workshops with a dance partner. We will not be rotating in class, or pairing people up. If you do not have a partner feel free post in the Facebook event or let us know before you register and we can try pair you up with someone.
***The Saturday morning class is Mandatory. For safety reasons we want everyone at this session so that we know everyone knows how to stay safe in our classes and how to keep everyone else safe around them.