The time has come again for a Swing Zing workshop!

We've got a big day planned for you starting with a solo Jazz class where Jethro will be teaching you the infamous Charleston Stroll routine choreographed by Sing Lim. This routine is much easier that the last routines we have taught so we will get to spend a lot of time on Solo Jazz and Charleston styling.

After that and after many requests AERIALS! WHOOP! We are striving to find air steps that have never been taught in Perth for both classes. Once they have been locked in we will let you know what they are.

12:00 midday - 1.30pm Charleston Stroll (make sure you prep for this with Charlotte's mini jazz series)

2-3:30 Aerials 1

4-5:30 Aerials 2

$35 - Charleston Stroll and 1 aerials class
$60 - All of the things!!**

**There will be prerequisites for the intermediate aerials class. Please check with Jethro or Charlotte to see if the class is right for you.

Location: 41 McCallum Cres, Adross